Friday, November 30, 2012

Proper Installation of an EGT Probe

Edge Products is one of the most popular and well-known brands of diesel tuners, a reputation they have earned over more than a decade of superior products and customer service.   Edge sends out a dealer newsletter each month, and they recently gave a very concise and insightful "Tech Tip" as part of that newsletter detailing the steps necessary to install an exhaust gas temperature (EGT) probe into your diesel manifold.  All Edge Juice with Attitude tuners come with an EGT probe, and they are an optional accessory upgrade for the Edge Evolution programmers as well as the Edge Insight monitors.

Here are the instructions they give.

1)  Let the engine and manifold cool down before installing the probe to help prevent any burns from hot parts.

2) Make sure you have all your tools needed to install the probe.  You don't want to get halfway done and realize you need to go to the store for a tap!  Tools required to install the EGT probes are:  Drill, 1/8 National Pipe Tap, 21/64" drill bit (5/16" optional), 9/16" wrench, Phillips head screwdriver, pliers or crescent wrench, safety glasses, grease/cutting oil, and protective clothing.

3) Set park brake before going under the truck.  If you raise the truck in the air, make sure proper blocking stands or jacks are in place.

4) Determine where the best location is for tapping the manifold.  The supplied instruction will help you find the location based on your vehicle.  In order to get to the desired location you may have to remove truck parts.

5) One effective way to avoid metal fragment contamination in your engine manifold is to apply grease in the tip of the drill bit and threads of your tap tool when drilling/tapping the hole in your manifold.  Reduce pressure on the drill when the drill breaks through the manifold wall to reduce risk of pushing metal chips into the manifold.

6) Drill a 21/64" (5/16" optional) hole through the manifold wall, and then use the pipe tap to cut the threads.  The pipe tap is tapered, so you will only want to turn the tap until the bottom threads of the tap are slightly deeper than flush with the inside of the exhaust manifold wall.  Use caution not to tap too deep since this would cause the thermocouple fitting and probe to sit too deep.  (Tap deep enough to allow 3+ full threads of fitting to seat in manifold.)
7) After the manifold has been drilled and tapped, remove the fitting from the Thermocouple and install by tightening the tapered thread end into the manifold with a 9/16" end wrench.  (Ideally the tip of the fitting would be less than  or flush with the inside of the exhaust flow path.)  Tighten the fitting so that it is securely seated.  Then install the probe into the fitting and tighten the top nut of the fitting just tight enough to keep the probe firmly mounted.  Make sure that the probe cable is positioned to allow best path and minimal bending,  for cable routing to the top of the engine compartment.

8) CAUTION: Do not bend the probe after installed.  If needed, loosen the probe nut, adjust the probe, and re-tighten.  Bending the probe tubing will result in a faulty probe.

9) Now that the probe is installed, hook it to your new Juice box or the EAS. Remember with Edge EAS you can install up to 8 EGT probes if you need/want!

If you have questions about any Edge programmers for your truck, or need help with any other diesel performance parts, trust the pros at Parleys Diesel Performance.

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